Planning Applications


105 Chanctonbury Way

A planning application has been submitted to Barnet Council regarding this property to extend it in all directions and to convert the property into three self-contained flats.  The Association is adamant that the conversion of single dwelling houses in the Suburb shall not be allowed and will fight vociferously to ensure the application is refused.

Persons wishing to object to the application should do so either in writing or via the Council’s website in reference to planning application No. 17/5002/FUL.

This application was refused by council on 26 September 2017.

8 Poynings Way

Recently in 2017 two planning applications to provide two houses on the site were refused by the Council and one of the applications was also dismissed on appeal.

The Association objected to both applications on the ground of over-development.  One of the houses contained a quite large basement. We live in a reasonably open and leafy suburb and filling housing sites with buildings is not something which we can support.

Furthermore, we believe that the subsoil in the Suburb is clay which does not lend itself to providing basements.  Large holes in the ground will alter the ground water flow in the area which in turn will severely affect adjoining neighbours gardens, trees and house foundations. The Association will not support the construction of basements.


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